Top Trends From AW17 Fashion Week

So, fashion week boast a 4 week long style-marathon taking you from New York across the waters to London, a short hop to Milan and finally departing in Paris. The gives us a massive eye-opener into what’s going to be hot and the key trends for Autumn/ Winter 2017. As a blogger or stylist this gives me a great opportunity to become fashion forward and buy pieces that will have more longevity in my wardrobe. The background behind designers collection can be seen taking influence from anything from environmental, social and political references to inspire and create a series. With a wealth of political news storming our current societies, this was a clear message throughout the shows in each country. Statement sleeves are set to stay with bright colour entwinning themselves throughout the fabrics. I have put together some of my favourite trends that I think will be hot this A/W 17.

Free The Nipples

Top AW Trends 2017

I’m literally loving this sheer takeaway from Paris Fashion Week. Sheer always gives easy diversity and layering to any outfit. You can wear over trousers of show off snippets of underwear and details to give dimensions. Love this!
Meet My Dancing Boots.
Top AW Trends 2017

Now we’ve all heard about accesories as in Diamond necklaces, earrings and rings but how about jazzing up your outfit with these statement party boots. I actually found a similar pair like these in Gina which you can check out on my Instagram here. These are a must have for any dancing queen.

Neutral Love

Those neutral vibes have been seen across all the fashion weeks this season. I’m so happy about this one as I am a sucker for white and cream as they create instant impact for any occasion. There’s the cutest white Acne Studios jacket in my wishlist following this trend so make sure you check it out!

Call it Camel

Top AW Trends 2017

Yaaaay! I do love a camel coat and these variations look set to rock this season. These are also the perfect coat to find trademarks on the high street at a fraction of the price. I have attached some of my favourites for you to shop.

So these are just some of my top trend picks just as Paris Fashion Week comes to a close. Fashion Week tells us a lot about the way in which our wardrobe will be going next and luckily I am absolutely loving some of these key trends. I may need to be getting to some sample sales with the price of those boots but ever girl can dream or be really really nice to her boyfriend.

Whats your favourite Autumn trends? Comment below.


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